Your Hair, Your Way

Bristol’s leading unisex salon 

Visit to our unisex hair salon where our experienced stylists offer a range of services that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

PJ’s Unisex Hair Salon Bristol

Visit our premium unisex salon in Shirehampton where you will be blown away with the experience we offer and the results we achieve for all the families hair.

Ladies haircut

Specialising in stunning, confidence boosting hairstyles for every occasion. Re-styles, Styling, Extensions, Colour change and more salon services.

Mens haircut

We offer men’s grooming, where precision and style converge to deliver hair solutions for the modern man.

Kids haircut

We prioritise creating a joyful and stress-free environment for your child’s grooming needs. We aim to turn haircuts into a delightful experience.

We are a family driven business that has offered a 5 star service for over 24 years, making us a well known brand in Bristol.

Our staff offer several decades of experience in all aspects of hairdressing enabling us to create a bespoke experience just for you and your family.

We are fully inclusive and support and welcome every one as an individual, catering for specific needs where needed and embrace neuro typical and neuro diverse clients equally.

The environment and personal wellbeing are very important to us at PJ’s. We make every effort to be eco friendly by using sustainable products from responsible suppliers.

Partnering with Eleven Australia and their associated brands, we can offer, vegan friendly and cruelty free product ranges including hair colour and tools that are eco friendly and from sustainable sources. Everything from bin bags to our coffee helps to protect our struggling environment and planet.

You, me and the planet are worth it!